12V 7AH SLA Battery Replaces gp1272 np7-12 bp7-12 npw36-12 ps-1270 ub1280 - 2 Pack Beiter DC Power FM500

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  • PK1270
  • Voltage: 12V (12 Volts)
  • Capacity: 7Ah
  • Battery Life 3-5 Years Under Normal Conditions
  • F1 Terminals

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Linda Loprestodavis
August 27, 2015
i thought too when I bought these back in Feb 2015 I was getting a great deal only to find out the batteries don't last. I got 6 months out of them before my gate opener started acting up. I tested everything before finding out it was the batteries. My last pair lasted well over 3 years with no problem. Do yourself a favor and I known it's hard to pony up all that money per battery, but buy the really batteries @ depot etc. Make sure it's made by the big company's GE/Slyvan etc. You'll thank me later.
Miguel A.
November 14, 2017
Bought these to replace worn out batteries on a ride on toy. These are extremely durable and have been taking many charges in months without any failures. Highly recommend for ride on toys.
February 27, 2013
My lovely Wife found these on Amazon. We have a GTO (Mighty Mule) gate opener and these batteries are an exact fit. The price was GREAT! This almost what I was paying for one battery locally.
So far ( 2-27-13) at two weeks in the winter cold ( 30~ 28f) they are holding up well.
louie kitcoff
February 18, 2014
Got one of the batteries which met requirements. I thought they were sending them separate to save on shipping due to the weight. Still waiting, will wait till next week might be delayed due to the bad weather we've been getting. Then I will contact company to try to get the other.

Update: contacted the vendor and explained the situation. They squared everything with no questions. Good deal!
Customer MP
July 7, 2013
I had constant problems with my gate system, I checked the battery and it would not hold a charge. I went to a couple of local stores and the battery cost 27-52 dollars. I checked on Amazon and found both batteries for less than 1 locally. They shipped very fast and installed without a hitch. My gate opens and closes much faster with no delay in charging!
March 14, 2014
I'ts been months since I bought these.
There still working great.
I used the solar panel with them to run my gate.
Even on over cast days they have never left me locked out.
Always works!
Paso Fino
March 13, 2014
My only reservation is that they may not hold up like others I have purchased at a reduced price. Others (not from this vendor) leaked after less than year.
Ernest U
February 4, 2014
I have just had these batteries for a month or so. So far, so good. I found them at a great price at amazon.com. I paid less for two on here than I would have paid for just one locally. Very happy with purchase.
Guaranteed ship within 5-7 business days