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Color:16.5cm* 26cm

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  • THICKENED UPGRADE. NOW All Bags Are Upgraded. More THICK and More DURABLE. We have used high quality thick material to produce our piping bags when upgraded.
  • CLEAN, SAFE PLASTIC. These pastry and icing bags are made of clean, food-grade plastic you can use in any kitchen. Our piping bags are FDA approved to be 100% free of toxins, ensuring your family is kept completely safe. The materials we use are tested with FDA standard and approved.
  • LARGE CAPACITY. 16 cm,making enough treats for a whole office or classroom. This icing bag's size reduces refills. This set includes 200 pieces disposable cake decorating bags.
  • USE WITH ANY TIPS. Perfect quick preparation or royal icing decoration in home baking and holiday party. Precision counts when you're making beautiful decorations on cakes and cupcakes
  • MAKE A GREAT GIFT. Whether you bake regularly or just for special occasions, anyone who loves to get creative with baked goods will appreciate these pastry bags

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August 14, 2016
Amazon Customer
February 17, 2017
I'm an experienced home baker that decorates cakes for family. No formal training. These tips are great! There was a slight (slight!) learning curve so practice first. I found that my buttercream icing must be stiff to work well, & the cake surface must be moist for the flowers to adhere & drop off the piping tip. I smeared a thin crumb-coat of icing onto my cupcakes, then spritzed about 5 at a time with a fine water mist just before adding the flowers. Worked great! My review only gives 4 stars because I'm disappointed that the coupler doesn't fit all the tips well. Some tips are faintly larger & won't slide down into the coupler, rendering it useless. I just use the tips with disposable bags. All in all, an excellent buy! Lots of fun!
Denise Mahany
March 25, 2017
The set of Russian tips are wonderful. The toss themselves are quality tips, thick and made well. The couplers were a nice bonus. The tops can be interchanged so that the bigger tips can be used with the green top and the slightly smaller ones with the original top, and bag only for the ball tips. The piping bags are good, but one split right away from using too much pressure. User error I think. I have not used the silicone bag yet. I love the variety or tips. My daughter and I are having fun using these. By the way, the pdf file came after my item was shipped, and I received 2 emails from the company. My item shipped quickly and arrived before expected. Very pleased with this product.
L. Lazarus
July 10, 2018
Great disposable pastry bags! The other disposable bags I have tried sprouted holes as I was decorating, but not these. They held up until I emptied them without any leaks! Also, it wasn't hard to cut the bottom off to retrieve the nozzle or change the tip.
August 20, 2016
Easy to use. You must have very thick decorating type frosting, the can stuf you buy in the store probably won't work. I kept putting mine back in the fridge because it didn't work as well when in warms up. Not too bad for my first try.
July 13, 2018
I have used about 10 bags so far and every single bag that I have filled with buttercream ends up having a whole as soon as I squeeze it. These are awful and I would not buy and will not be buying again! These are super thin and I keep having to patch holes with tape just so I can get sue out of the bag!
January 29, 2017
Works good! The bags are sick and easy to use. Pretty much amount or them - 50 pieces. I think I will use them long enouch
February 22, 2017
Amazing value for this product! I love the wide opening of the bags, makes for easy transfer of batter or frosting. The bags are thin, however they are thick enough to handle piping thicker frostings withough busting at the seams. Overall a fantastic buy and will definitely purchase again!
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