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Dr Heidi A, Miami
September 29, 2018
It appears Gene Simmons has grown up and has modified some of his previously-held views in important ways. Where he was once one of the most judgmental and vocal celebrity critics in regards to individuals who struggle with addiction (which I always found rather ironic, given his former life-long boasts about his peripatetic womanizing which nowadays could be viewed as sex addiction vis-a-vis the level of compulsivity, loss of control and engaging in these actions despite adverse consequences evident in Simmons' descriptions of his past behavior), this book was a softer, honest and scientific-fact filled evaluation of how creative genius can cause a vulnerability to substance abuse (or perhaps, the other way around). Granted, those in active addiction are quite difficult to like and are easy to judge. In the grips of active addiction, they lie, manipulate, embarrass themselves and others and are capable of doing terrible things. However, once in recovery (remission), they are some of the kindest, most sensitive, honest and compassionate individuals to be found anywhere. Tragically, the musicians featured in Simmon's book were unable to achieve sobriety.
Simmons is a beautiful writer and the tone, melody and meter of the book (rock n') rolled along in a highly engaging manner as it related to recognizing that the terrible and unfathomably painful malady from which it's characters (Winehouse, Morrison et al) suffered is an actual medical BRAIN disorder and not a reflection of weak moral fortitude or character. I also enjoyed reading his son's interview with a renowned neuroscientist (great job Nick!) One aside: Simmons states,
Amazon Customer
October 19, 2018
On chapter 3 and loving this book.
Nightwing's Fan
October 11, 2018
Was great to read a book by Gene that wasn't about himself, KISS, money or sex.

The book provides information and praise for artists for their craft and achievements rather than concentrating on their demise. It covers many people such as Brian Jones, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison & Kurt Cobain. It not very in-depth because of the size of the book, but it's a bit informative.

Gene really has shown empathy and a better understanding of people that suffer from substance abuse, physical pain & mental illness. He used to be very vocal not to complain about fame, however, with him researching such individuals as the subject matter for this book, shows he now has a change of heart.

Gene is a scholar and writes well. While interjecting his opinion here and there, he provides mainly information on the artists using many resources, which are footnoted throughout the book dismissing any doubts of total bias while discussing his subjects.

With KISS claiming to really be heading out on a final farewell tour, Gene certainly could become an avid author after retiring being the Demon of rock n roll.
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