eBoot Soft Tape Measure for Sewing Tailor Cloth Ruler (Yellow)



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  • Soft tape measure: a flexible and portable tape measure, made from soft plastic material, yellow color, suitable for measuring curved or flat surfaces
  • Dual sided: accurately printed in both inches and centimeters, dual sided, and the measuring range is 60 inches/ 150 cm, you can get measurements according to your requirements
  • Easy to read: the sewing tape measure has large and clear markings on the top, easy and convenient to read and use
  • Good sewing tool: can provide you accurate measurements, suitable for a seamstress, a crafter, a quilter or whoever just need a flexible measuring tape
  • Metal ends: the tape has metal tabs on each end of the cloth tape measure to butt-up against the item your measuring; The metal ends also can prevent fraying

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June 16, 2017
I ordered a bunch of these and had to return all of them because they were not accurate -- I compared these tape measurers to my other measuring tools (ruler, other tape measure, etc.) and all of my other measuring tools were the same measurements (just to confirm what I was comparing these tape measures to) and the first inch on all of these were not a full inch, they were much shorter! The rest of the inches slowly spaced out unevenly as well. I would definitely not recommend as they are inaccurate and you will not get a proper measurement.
May 8, 2017
Please don't waste your time and money. Not worth more than $1. Metal ends are not squared with the tape.
April 26, 2017
I needed a tape measure to take accurate measurements for online and in store clothing purchases. This one is flexible and durable. I use the inches side. It's 60 inches in length or 5 ft. Personally I prefer to measure myself than have someone else do it. It saves time both when making a purchase and because I know the item will fit; I won't have to return it. It does the job. I'm happy with this purchase.
thinking woman
December 26, 2016
If you sew this is a great tape measure it is flexible enough to measure a pattern curve, and feels good in my hands. I held off buying a new tape measure for a very long time because all I could find felt like semi- flexible plastic. I like that the back is metric only, changing black/white sections every 10 cm.
January 1, 2018
Nice, easy to work with tape measure. It is great and durable. No cheap stuff here!

I keep this in my drawer and whenever I need a quick measurement I take this out. Iu2019m pretty sure I use this thing at least three times a week. I actually used it last night. I also have one for work when I donu2019t want to pull out my tape measure. I mean, it fits right into the smallest pocket of your pants.
April 2, 2017
super cute, I just love the shade of aqua green. it's very flexible and seems sturdy. Does the job. The rubbery material has a very strong scent. Air it out somewhere so it's not so pungent. I'm still giving it 5 stars, because I don't care that much that it stunk like rubbery chemicals. It was the cutest and cheapest tape measure I could find.
B. Tomlin
March 9, 2017
Some of the products sold on Amazon have their measurements expressed in metric units. This tape has metric on one side and English on the other. If you're not sure how large something is because the measurements are in cm or mm, you can find the value on the metric side and flip the tale over to see the English value. Awesome.
January 1, 2017
What can I say...it's a tape measure. Good quality and I initially purchased to measure my head for hat sizes and suit purchases being that I have been losing weight and when I order my clothes I do it mostly online so I don't have to go into the stores and can avoid the tailor. It also comes in handy to measure BMI (body mass index), my military people know what I mean. Definitely a little handy tool around the house!
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