ProSource Ankle Wrist Weights Set of 2, Adjustable Comfort Fit, 1 to 5 lb for Women, and Men ProSource Discounts Inc ps-1235-aw-black



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  • IMPROVE MUSCLE TONE – Helps to increase lower body strength and appearance, or may be used to rehabilitate muscles
  • COMFORT FIT – Soft neoprene material wraps comfortably around ankles so you barely notice wearing them as you workout
  • ADJUSTABLE – Durable Velcro straps allow you to adjust weights to your desired size and tightness for a secure fit
  • GENTLE STRENGTHENING – Ranging from 1-5 lb., weights are easy on joints and allow you to slowly progress in strength
  • GREAT FOR ANYONE – Colorful, lightweight, can be used by women, and men.

Product Description

See faster results from your aerobic routines, bodyweight exercises, dance, and plyometric workouts by strapping on a pair of comfort-fit ankle weights. Made with soft neoprene material, the adjustable weighted ankle wraps add resistance to tone and sculpt your lower body. Ranging from 1 to 5 pounds, they allow you to progressively increase strength and endurance in a safe manner. Ideal for anyone trying to lose weight, increase muscle tone, or rehabilitate after injuries. Turn basic exercises like walking, jumping, lunging, or leg lifts into muscle-building, calorie-torching workouts

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Benjamin Craig
February 24, 2017
I bought these weights because I just had knee replacement surgery. They're just what I needed for my rehab therapy . I received prompt service when ordered them receiving within a couple of days. They work very well and very comfortable. I recommend this product. Very durable
October 27, 2016
These weights are terrible for running. The lead material used inside moves around and redistributes. The clasp is made of non-durable thin metal which pulls apart and again the weights redistribute to weight. Bad engineering, terrible product, don't purchase. Pricey for a bad product.
Pen Name
March 1, 2017
Love these weights. Use them at home and take them around when I need to. Great quality.
Amazon Customer
June 12, 2018
I ordered these back in February for a part of my PT program for my legs. But the Velcro just recently started shedding little pieces all over the place and they are like little splinters getting stuck in my clothes an my bed. After I use them for straight leg raises I have to use tweezers to get all the little pieces up. The Velcro is also not holding very well now. I liked them in the beginning, but now after my usage of them, I donu2019t like them anymore
August 23, 2016
Once I increased my strength over 2.5-lbs., I was able to double them to make them five pounds on one ankle. It's a hassle to switch them over, but this is necessary until you get heavier weights. They are both secure around one ankle if you adjust them properly and will not wiggle around during the movement. I will also be purchasing their 5-lb ankle weights and use them in combination to increase the weight set. This is a good alternative if you don't have an ankle/leg weight rack. There were also no problems with the material spilling out.
Fritz Anzivino
February 8, 2017
Great quality, fair price. Just like I used in physical therapy.
K. A. M. Burt
April 25, 2017
I use as an aid to jogging, although not that heavy, I feel the burn. They work as they are supposed to.
March 1, 2018
They work and fit my ankles but one should know that they are not wrist weights.
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