Reebok Adjustable Ankle Weight Sets Gaiam 05-55079 Misc. Product


Style Name:5-pound (Yellow)

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  • Two - 2.5lb. / 1.13kgs Adjustable Ankle Weights
  • Easily Adjustable 2.5lb. Each
  • Made from heavy duty nylon blend
  • Easy hook and loop closure

Product Description


Add intensity to your workout with 's Adjustable . These two heavy-duty nylon blend adjustable weights (2.5 or 5lb/each) can be tailored to your daily needs, weighing up to 5 or 0 lbs as a set. You'll build strength and see more muscle tone in your legs and glutes when you add these to your fitness regimen. Also features an anatomically correct design for improved fit around ankle with an easy hook-and-loop closure and backed by a manufacturer's warranty. Weight can be adjusted by removing or adding weighted inserts to control your workout intensity. The comfort-fit design conforms to the body while the secure closures keep weights in place while in use. Ideal for increasing calorie burn during lower body activities. Your workouts will be more effective and you'll build strength and tone the muscles in your legs, glutes and thighs.

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  • Comfort-Fit Design Conforms to Body
  • Secure Closure to Keep Weights in Place
  • Made From Heavy-Duty Nylon Blend
  • Two - 2.5lb. (5-Pound) OR Two - 5lb. (0-Pound) Adjustable

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Jane Rogers
February 12, 2011
I wear these around the house all day long (I am a 62 year old female)...walking, up and down the stairs, doing leg lifts side to side and back kicks, front kicks. My legs are more toned and finally strong (I had really weak legs). When I go out without the weights on my ankles, I can walk forever! Well worth the price. One hint: if the weight beads become hard and hurt your ankles, just take a small hammer and "pound" the beads lightly to loosen them. Sometimes the beads meld together and harden, but easily soften after "mushing" them. I have had these for months and they still are like new. No wear and tear at all! My daughter used them to train for months before she entered "Tough Mudders". Highly recommend!
Jack Beggs
August 25, 2013
See my earlier review below about the velcro straps allowing the weight packs to come loose and slip down. That didn't make sense. So I analyzed the weights to see if I could figure it out.
The weight packs are flared out with rounded corners on one side and have angled in ends and corners on the other side. I first put them on with the wider side down as that seemed to match the shape of my leg-ankle-instep.
As soon as I turned them upside down with the narrower side down, they were better and did not slip down around my ankle or come loose.
YOU HAVE TO KNOW WHICH END (SIDE) IS UP, or they are useless.
I would have increased the rating more if Reebok had supplied the least bit of information about how to use them, which would have included WHICH SIDE IS UP!!

The thin velcro straps that wrap around the OUTSIDE of the weight pack stick to everything you don't want them to but they CAN'T KEEP THE WEIGHTS FROM SLIPPING DOWN AND OUT DURING WALKING. These might be barely OK if your exercise regimen includes FREQUENT REST BREAKS where you will be wrestling with the straps to raise and reposition the weights back around your ankle.

One end of the weight pack has the metal link that you route the velcro strap through. So that might be OK. IF you can get the strap tight enough, the metal link should keep the weight pack from slipping down.

But the other end of the weight pack has no such link and the velcro on the outside of the pack STOPS FOUR INCHES FROM THE END OF THE PACK. So there is nothing to prevent the weight pack from slipping down and out from under the 1-1/4" wide velcro strap, especially if you are walking at a brisk rigorous pace.

I wished I could see some suggestions from Reebok (diagrams, pictures) of the best way to fasten the weight pack around my ankle. NOT A CHANCE. NOTHING on the box; NOTHING in the box. And nothing at the official Reebok website either. In fact Reebok does not list or show this model at all.

Do yourself a favor. Look for ankle weighs that have wide velcro flaps built into the weight pack, instead of velcro straps around the outside of the weight pack.
June 16, 2013
Bought these on 2/24/13 and the velcro strap on one ankle weight snapped right in half (early June 2013) in the middle of a workout when attempting to readjust tighter. If you look at your set notice where the velcro is held together by a sort of adhesive? That is where it snapped. I would at least not recommend these for any woman. The very weight of these caused them to constantly slip beneath the velcro strap to where the corners would drag on the floor. They also irritate the ankle horrible and I could not wear them w/o ankle wraps underneath them. What drove me to buy them was that I felt too used to the 5 lb. ankle weights and wanted a more challenging, strength-training workout. After almost daily usage I began to notice the strain on my body - in my back around the tailbone area that has caused movements such as lunging to be painful. I went back to 5 lb. weights to reduce the physical stress. Not being in the medical profession...I cannot say with 100% certainty the pain is caused by the weights but they are very strongly suspect (I am a 30 yr old & in-shape). The outside material further seems prone to collecting dust, fuzzies and other debris. Maybe these are better for a man (?) but as a female customer I am not happy with the performance.
February 2, 2012
Reading the other reviews on here, I was concerned with this purchase for awhile. It seems some people hated it, some people loved, and that was all. I've been using mine every other day for a few weeks now, and unless I experience any breakage problem as in some of the reviews, I think these are fantastic. I mean, they aren't exactly 'comfortable' to wear; but you are strapping 5 pounds of sand to your ankle, which is a flexing joint... of course there will be some pressure/discomfort! That said, the band can be adaquately tightened, and there is decent padding to help minimize any 'pain'. Also, changing weight bags is relatively easy; though I would recommend against unbalancing the weight (removing one or three bags) because it does tend to wobble a bit. Again, not a deal breaker, it's just the nature of the beast.

I've been using this to rehab a torn meniscus injury sustained from playing hockey. Not only is my knee feeling better faster than expected, it looks like I will be able to avoid surgery. Also, I've noticed my skating to be quicker and turns sharper now that I've added these weights to my workout regiment. I can't recommend them enough.
November 28, 2013
These have a Velcro strap on one side and a cheap, flimsy D-ring on the other. The manufacturer intends for you to loop the strap in the d-ring and fold it back to the same side to stick the Velcro. I found that the strap bunches up, slides down the d-ring and the weight becomes loose and chafes.
So I found that I didn't need the d-ring. Simply twist the Velcro strap a half-turn and continue wrapping in the same direction around my ankle - sticking it to the Velcro on the other side. It holds much better this way and it's easier to attach.

Other issues - I tried to find weights that were permanently sewed in (like the old ones I had). Removing one of the weights from the pocket is ridiculous because it leaves a limp section and the weight is once again loose. These would be much better with 2 Velcro straps (Hello Reebok - are you listening)
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