Reproduction Gas Tank Rear Rubber Holder - 17613-286-000 - CB/CL/SL350 CB/CL/CJ360 CB500/550 4into1 4333343423

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  • Reproduction Honda fuel / gas tank rear rubber holder for many of the CB/CL/SL350 twins as well as the CB500/550 fours.
  • Replaces Honda Part Number: 17613-286-000
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Product Description

Reproduction Honda fuel / gas tank rear rubber holder for many of the CB/CL/SL30 twins as well as the CB00/0 fours. This is the rubber part that is usually either really stiff or cracked and brittle, it holds the tank in place under the seat. It also keeps the tank from hitting the frame. Make your life easier and replace this rubber part, getting the tank on and off will be a breeze!

Replaces Honda Part Number: 763-26-000

Fits Honda:

CB30G Super Sport - 973
CB30K Super Sport - 96-973
CL30K Scrambler - 96-973
SL30K Motosport - 969-973
CB360K - 97
CB360G - 97
CL360K Scrambler - 97-97
CB360T - 97-976
CJ360T - 976-977
CB00K - 97-973
CB0K - 97-97
CB0F Super Sport - 97-977

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September 10, 2018
Better than new: it's not made of 45 year old rubber, much quieter has tank, this is one of those no-brainer parts. Don't worry if you need one, just get one
October 12, 2018
Great OEM reproduction.
Arthur Hill
September 20, 2018
Wishing to have the correct one
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