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Lens Color:Black

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  • High-definition bright color coated lenses, can effectively prevent ultraviolet rays, the lens in the air sandwich can effectively play the role of cold bridge, isolated frozen.
  • With 180 degrees IEW technology snow mirror with a plus plus curved frame and lens, can provide 180 degree angle of view. Better observation of the surrounding environment.
  • The entire glasses to take streamlined design, not only stylish and beautiful. And effectively prevent air conditioning into.
  • Thickening of the buffer sponge, not only flexible, and more soft, reduce the skin irritation, more buffer the pressure on the face of the glasses.
  • Anti-skid fabric design, through the inside of the ribbon plus anti-skid coating, can prevent the skier in the violent movement of glasses shift or fall off. While the elastic band can be adjusted for the head circumference.

Product Description

Type: Protective glasses Material: UV400 Polycarbonate fiber Frame adjustment: Yes Frame color: black Lens thickness: toughness strong Lens color: multi-color, black and gray, yellow, brown, transparent Transmittance: 0 Function: windproof glasses, protective glasses, ski glasses, WG game goggles, anti-shock glasses. Specifications: yellow lenses, transparent lenses, colorful boutique, brown lenses, black gray lenses Size: 180MM * 80MM Weight: 75g

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November 28, 2017
I bought one for skiing trip next month, actually the quality is better than I expected, the size runs fit and not oversize at all. I believe it definably will help when I ski next month.
November 26, 2017
I like it. It is better than the goggles I bought from the store. It fits my face, not too loose not too tight, seems a good fit for outdoor winter activities.
Du Zhao
December 2, 2017
Quality is OK. Definitely cannot beat those in large sport stores but it is good enough for occasional use. Anyways, price is the killer here. Good for beginners. BTW it is not compatible with my eyeglasses so you may want to wear the contact lens.
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